Alex Farmartino Producer/Media Manager
Becky Smith Controller
Ben Nelson Graphics Coordinator
Beth Faulkner Office Manager
Bill Lancaster Vice President, Sales
Bill Lynn
Maintenance Engineer
Calan Canipe Engineer-In-Charge
Chad Swofford Senior Director, New Media and Business Development
Chris Duzan Associate Producer
David Barringer Producer
David Rudoni Satellite Engineer
Frank Kay Director of Communications
George Johnson Senior VP, Programming and Distribution
Gerald Vaughn Engineer-In-Charge
Heather Hirschman (GSO) ACC Digital Content Manager
Hunter Nickell Chief Executive Officer
Jeremy Williams Producer
Jim Brannon Director of Sales
Jim Ford Director of Sales
Jimmy Rayburn Chief Operating Officer
John Reilly Research Sales and Marketing Manager
Jonathan Robbins Associate Producer
Josh Vinson Associate Producer
Juliet Rollins Payroll/Accounting Assistant
Kellie Bowen Technical Operations Coordinator
Kelly Kent Traffic Manager
Kelly McShane Manager Client Services
Laura Rhyne Assistant Controller
Lynn Covington Crewing Coordinator
Mackenzie Yohn Sales & Multimedia Marketing Coordinator
Mark Riley Remote Supervisor
Meg Little Group Director of Marketing & Client Services
Mike Shook Computer Animation
Mona Flowers Crewing Director
Peter Rolfe Vice President, Production
Rob Chorney Production Engineer
Rob Reichley Executive Producer
Robert Phillips Engineer-In-Charge
Shannon Fritts Senior Director of Event Marketing and Client Services
Todd Warren Managing Director – Multimedia Marketing and Audience Research
Tony Lisanti Web Developer
Trey Walters Senior Director, Digital Content & Business Development